Having no snow is normal – but where do we go from here?

With the official start to Snow Season 2018 starting on Saturday and there being virtually zero natural snow on the ground and only a smattering of the man made stuff, I’d thought I’d go back over the last 25 years to show that this is actually quite normal and there is no need to panic. This year we have been unlucky in that temps in the resorts have not been great for making snow so things look quite dire in the resorts.

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Opening weekend: What lifts/runs will be open?

With little to no natural snow in the resorts it will be touch and go for some to get a lift or two running for opening weekend. So what’s the likelihood of resorts have a run or two going?

Here is how I see it:

There will be some snowmaking opportunities over the next week which will help but there is also a large moisture band due to arrive in the mountains on Friday that could really put a dampener on the opening weekend festivities. There is also a ‘but’ with that. The system ‘could’ also drop some white flakes. The snow line looks to be marginal at the moment and if it shifts one degree less we may get 5-10cm, but if it goes the other way and sits around 2C then we are in for a wet weekend and it will cause damage to the already thin man made cover.

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Need Custom Hoodies For Your Group Ski Trip? Welcome… Memory Threads

Custom Ski trip Hoodies… There is no better way to remember your snow trip than with custom designed hoodies. Every time you throw that hoodie on, you will be reminded of all those verticals you dropped, those rails your slid and those snow balls you threw at your friends. So before you head on your school, uni or interschools trip, make sure you organise your custom Hoodies or soft shell jackets with Memory Threads. We are the specialists when it comes to ski trip Hoodies. We have been supplying schools ski trip hoodies and jackets for over ten years.

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Snow forecast for Melbourne & Sydney in May

Real snow, all the latest gear for the 2018 season and 70 international ski resorts deliver an early taste of winter in downtown Sydney and Melbourne this month when the Snow Travel Expo rolls into town.

It’s a fun and entertaining Sunday for the whole family explains Event Director Melinda Mak, “we describe it as your ticket to a world of inspiration and information.  You can literally travel a whole world of ski destinations in one day and explore resorts across USA, Japan, Korea, Canada, Europe, India, South America and of course closer to home with Australia and New Zealand.”

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Club Med provides winter Olympians & Paralympians slopes to success

Club Med is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia (OWIA) – a coming together of two organisations with a shared passion for winter sports and supporting Australia’s elite winter athletes in the lead up to the 2022 Winter Olympics.

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Why my next overseas holiday has to be Club Med in the snow

The simple reason why is because of the truly amazing experiences I have recently had at Club Med Sun resorts.

I’ve been lucky enough to have spent time with my family at three Club Med Sun/Summer resorts over the last three years. Having been a snow forecastor for Snowatch.com.au in Australia for around 20 years most of my holidays during that time have been to snow destinations…..

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Spring Loaded and ready to fire – Blizzard of Oz 3.0

As we now move into Spring it looks like we have yet another polar blast and a dump of snow on the cards early next week. Some early shower activity on Sunday will soon turn to snow and we should see widespread snowfalls on Monday to low levels by night and the snow should continue to well below 1000m on Tuesday and Wednesday. Over the three days we could see up to 50cm of new snow (and there is a possibility of more than that in some areas).

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