Updated: August 5th, 6:59am
Snow forecast 5 Days 10 Days 15 Days
Perisher 60-95cm 60-102cm 65-116cm
Thredbo 60-95cm 60-102cm 65-116cm
Charlotte Pass 55-95cm 55-102cm 60-114cm
Selwyn 30-56cm 30-56cm 30-61cm
Snow forecast 5 Days 10 Days 15 Days
Falls Creek 17-32cm 17-34cm 24-50cm
Mt Hotham 17-32cm 17-34cm 24-50cm
Mt Buller 13-26cm 13-26cm 20-41cm
Mt Baw Baw 11-27cm 11-27cm 16-38cm

Please note: the 10-15 day readings are more likely to change due to the longer range timeframe

Very cold in the mountains with light snowfalls continuing this morning and easing during the day. Thursday and Friday should see the sun poking through at times and pretty good conditions for hitting the slopes.

Late on Friday clouds will move in and snow will start to fall in the NSW resorts and become heavy during the early hours of Saturday. Victorian resorts will only see light snow as most of the moisture will sit above the border. Heavy snowfalls Saturday in the NSW resorts and continuing into Sunday. The snow level will likely sit around the 1400-1500m mark rising a bit above and below at times. From Friday to Sunday NSW resorts look like seeing around 60-80cm and Victorian resorts around 15-25cm.

A break in the weather across the 10th and 11th before the clouds move in again. This next period (12th-16th) is a little hard to get a read on. Currently it looks like snow up high with showers most likely but it could go either way. If temps drop a little with this one then some good snow is likely to fall, a bit warmer and we will see mostly the wet stuff. Should get a better read in a day or two on this one.

Looking further ahead a cold front arriving around the 18th-19th looks like dropping some good snow in the resorts.

Be sure to check the resorts Covid-19 safe protocols as a lot has changed this season.

Pete 'The Frog' Taylor


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