Updated: June 4th, 12:20pm
Snow forecast 5 Days 10 Days 15 Days
Perisher 0cm 0cm 2-7cm
Thredbo 0cm 0cm 2-7cm
Charlotte Pass 0cm 0cm 2-6cm
Selwyn 0cm 0cm 1-3cm
Snow forecast 5 Days 10 Days 15 Days
Falls Creek 0cm 0cm 3-9cm
Mt Hotham 0cm 0cm 3-9cm
Mt Buller 0-2cm 0-2cm 3-11cm
Mt Baw Baw 0-2cm 0-2cm 2-9cm

Please note: the 10-15 day readings are more likely to change due to the longer range timeframe

There is good news and bad news for the next couple of weeks. I'll go with the bad news first. There doesn't look to be much in the way of natural snowfalls on the way due to dominant high pressures systems revolving around the southern hemisphere gaining in strength and as a result forcing any snow bearing systems further south than we would like. Now for the good news. With the dominant high pressure systems we are likely to see a lot of cold clear nights which will be great for making snow. This will allow the resorts to add to the natural snow that fell on Monday and work on creating a base for opening weekend. What also is good is that there isn't any real rain on the way is a bonus.

It won't take a big shift in the strength of the highs to once again see some natural snowfalls but it's likely we will only see some very light falls between now and the 11th which is when we should see some snow falling across the 14th-16th and then the 18th-19th, although only very light falls.

Long range there isn't a lot to like in regards to natural snow falling until the high pressure systems weaken, once they do we will see snow systems lining up. The 23rd-25th should see a snow bearing system move across the mountains and further out a stronger and much colder system arrives around the 31st of June to 3rd of July.

With the resorts now opening a little later than usual from the 22nd of June we are likely to see some runs open and lifts running on the man made areas from these dates due to extended periods of the snow guns running over the next few weeks. Resorts will be running on a reduced capacity so please check to see the individual COVID-19 regulations that have been put in place. Please note that the resorts have been working as best they can to get the season up and running and with reduced numbers permitted on the slopes and social distancing in place not everyone is going to be happy. Everyone is doing their best to accommodate as many as possible so please have this in mind.

Pete 'The Frog' Taylor


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