Opening weekend and early season outlook

COVID-19 spreading across Australia in March and increasing dramatically in cases during April had it looking like any thoughts of snow season was a pipe dream at best. The Australian public and businesses did a great job in flattening the curve to an extent that the Federal and State governments of NSW and Victoria have given the OK to run a snow season that will commence from the 22nd of June.

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Snowatch 2019 Season Outlook

As per usual at this time of year everyone wants to know what the coming season has in store, and I’m no different. We would all love to see a couple of early dumps before the opening weekend and then consistent top ups each week through to September, but that’s not realistic. So what is?

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Mt Buller’s critical water storage project funding guaranteed

The future of Mt Buller’s critical Water Storage Project has been secured with the Andrew’s Labor Government yesterday announcing a $7.5 million grant through the Regional Tourism Infrastructure Fund.

Mr Anthony Carbines, MP took the opportunity whilst at Mt Buller to celebrate the opening of the 2018 snow season, to publicly announce the funding.

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