Anticipation levels high for Season 2022. Where are we headed?

It is that time again when we look towards the new snow season, one that will hopefully be a much more normal one than what we have seen for the past two seasons. Covid has seen the last two years interrupted with lockdowns and complete resort closures. Australia’s Premier long range snow forecaster Pete ‘The Frog’ Taylor has a look at what the early part of Season 2022 has install for us.

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Opening weekend: What lifts/runs will be open?

With little to no natural snow in the resorts it will be touch and go for some to get a lift or two running for opening weekend.┬áSo what’s the likelihood of resorts have a run or two going?

Here is how I see it:

There will be some snowmaking opportunities over the next week which will help but there is also a large moisture band due to arrive in the mountains on Friday that could really put a dampener on the opening weekend festivities. There is also a ‘but’ with that. The system ‘could’ also drop some white flakes. The snow line looks to be marginal at the moment and if it shifts one degree less we may get 5-10cm, but if it goes the other way and sits around 2C then we are in for a wet weekend and it will cause damage to the already thin man made cover.

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