You don’t have to be a racer to race!


The Interschools Snowsports Championships are a series of snowsports competitions where students compete for their school as part of a team or an individual in any of our seven discipline events.

Competitors from all ability levels are encouraged to enter, with an emphasis on fun and participation in the initial regional championships. As the competitions move into the State and then the National event, the level of competition and the degree of difficulty increases.

Interschools is a team-based competition for students attending the same school, although individuals can enter when insufficient competitors are not available to form a team (except for the Cross Country Relay which is a team only event).

How to get your school involved?

1. Talk to your head of sport or other at your school to drun up interest and ler them know that you will be participating.

2. Put a story in the School Newsletters about the Championships and requesting additional snow sports enthusiasts.

3.Organise an Information Night. Request an Interschools rep to attend to answer any questions

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