The big dump we have been waiting for – here comes the blizzard!

August 3, 2017 @ 20:50pm

By Pete ‘The Frog’ Taylor  –

The dump of the season is nearly upon us. After a small entree this afternoon and evening, and a little snow tomorrow, the weekend will deliver the biggest falls of the season by far. Sunday looks to see the most snow and by Monday we should see 50-90cm in the resorts, most up at the higher end of the scale.

Have you got everything?

For those in the mountains or thinking of heading up be prepared for strong winds and blizzard conditions. Visibility will also be low so the comfort level will not be great. On the upside there will be deep wind blown powder stashes to be had, especially during Sunday. For those that prefer is a little calmer and clearer then you’d be best to wait til Tuesday and Wednesday.

The roads on Sunday afternoon and night will be quite hazardous and slow, so please be patient and allow extra time to get either up to the resorts or back home from them. Chains will be a must and a good tip is to have a pair of old gloves handy to wear when putting on the chains or taking them off, helps stop your hands freezing or ruining your good gloves. Also a tarp or plastic sheet of some sort to kneel on when fitting the chains to keep you dry and your pants clean.

Cold temps, plenty of moisture and strong winds for the weekend.


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