Perisher Peak Festival 2016 drops killer lineup

“Perisher Peak Festival 2016 drops killer lineup” This is how ToneDeaf’s Greg Moskovitch, described the awesome musical line up at this year’s Peak Festival. With over 35 artists, 120 performances across 10 live stages, the magic starts the moment you arrive.


Get ready to be spellbound by the haunting reflections and mesmerising loops of Matiu Te Huki. Witness one of Australia’s most unique, eclectic and fearless artists, Ngaiire, as she delivers her electric show, full of spine-tingling vocals and outrageous costumes. Then there’s southern California rock & soul quintet Allensworth; the angelic voice, guitar melodies and flamboyant strings of the critically acclaimed Tinpan Orange and the fastest-rising hip hop act in Australia, REMI, on the Peak stage following sold-out shows across Australia and Europe.


OMG, I could keep going… there’s over 35 artists, 120 performances across 10 live stage, and the real magic starts to happen from the moment you arrive. By about the end of Day 2 it’s happened to everyone, there’s a real sense of euphoria after being exposed to not just one genre of music but several in a short period of time, surrounded by the most amazing Snowy Mountains and Perisher Resort. Die-hard fans of Rock, Indie, Hip Hop, Folk, Gypsy, Soul, Spoken Word and World all collide in one place, over 4 days to transform the way you experience music. Discover the PEAK Experience. Don’t miss this year!


Check out the complete awesome Peak Festival Line up at

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