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    ok so i kno a few people are agianst them but I would like to know what all there pros and cons are. If you have one tell me what u like and hate about them

    Is out of the sling :WOOHOO:

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    Hey SDJ

    Well, iPhone doesn't seem to work too well in the snow. I have an iPod touch, which is similar concept except no phone, and you can't type on the screen. Too hard with gloves or ice around you! I use my Blackberry.

    Both offer similar things, with the iPhone more multimedia friendly and you can have games.

    It all really depends on $$$ too, I think iPhone will probably be cheaper due to so many people having it.

    Alot of vendors are bringing out copy cat phones like the iPhone.

    iPhone software 3 is being released soon, and it should address some annoying issues like no cut and paste, but if you already have an iPhone, this could be a costed upgrade, although it could be free, nobody knows!

    You should try to get one and have a play with it first before really make any decisions. Battery life is poor on the iPhone if you tend to fiddle alot with it like me [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    Thanks Yeti man
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    Worst- no flash player.
    Best- simplest easy to use OS ever!!

    It's crazy how many people own one, it's not just the marketing, it is a dam good product.

    All the cons are worth putting up with for the pros.

    I will use mine while on the mountain for listening to music and taking phone calls, a single button on the mic of the headphone lead will pause ipod and answers phone, no need to fumble around or even stop to pull it out of my pocket.

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    "all the cons" ? I've had mine quite a few months now and am yet to find a con (a few things I'd improve on if it were possible, but no actual problems at all really. (except every now and then it locks my sim card or says not installed and I have to reboot it)

    I use mine a lot.

    Mr Legs and I sync ours to our network. A few little things could make that easier (and possibly exist but I've not gone hunting).

    e.g. outlook syncs my calendar but for meetings we should both attend I need to then go into outlook and send attendance to Mr Legs. (little thing but...)

    I detest the preemptive text thing but I'm sure a small effort would find me a way to disable it.

    I can't forward text meesages (again, no biggie).

    The things I love most

    It's so smooth and nice to hold, look at. For something I use many times a day, it's nice that I enjoy holding and looking at it.

    I love being able to check my emails easily, quickly and any time.

    I LOVE the oz weather and radar program (will love it more in a month or two I'm sure)

    I use the calendar heaps, and believe there is an organiser program that I should make an effort to download.

    Its big enough to use, read and converse via email without trouble (though the preemptive text peaces me off)

    I use the map program a bit too. Much easier than a directory (especially when on foot in the big city). But I think you can get that on any phone.

    My charge lasts quite a while, unless on line heaps.


    get one!! the big negatives are usually heresay from people who don't actually have one. There is nothing about it that I find gimicky.

    oh, and the service, of course, apple have very excellent service

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    thanks Spaz & Legs
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    I really want one but I'm on contract to three and can't use the I phone on 3.

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    No MMS.
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    the iPhone does have a great interface. However I wanted a more business based machine so got an Xperia. It is a win mobile device but unlike an iPhone will also do the following:

    Copy and paste
    stereo bluetooth
    video recording.
    message forwarding
    remote desktop
    proper keyboard
    sat nav
    WmWiFiRouter. Makes your Xperia a WLAN Router
    x1 has higher resolution WVGA screen, place the x1 and iP on the table, and open google maps check the iPhone lower resolution...(still pretty good though)
    x1 has better battery life

    Just a few I can think of. These may not be an issue for you though. Also iPhone may eventually be able to do these, am not completely up to speed on them since they came out and I finished my research.
    The iPhone is a great piece of kit. Just not flexible enough for me. Also I wanted a qwerty keyboard for emails etc.

    Good luck.

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    iPhone is a great gadget, but has usual apple doesn't work with my VW blue tooth car kit, every other phone also wont connect to my Blue tooth headphones!

    I personally wouldn't get one for me, the wife loves hers though!
    *insert witty comment here*

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    I love my iPhone and am using it for this post. I won't go back to a normal phone (and yes I had a blackberry).

    Most of the issues raised above are being fixed with the 3.0 software update due out later this year.

    Don't get me wrong it does have some short comings but once you start using it they quickly seem insignificant.

    If you're keen to get one, have a play with one (most phone shops will let you). If you want my advice get one!

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