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    Default Few spring turns out Back of Mt Perisher 15 Sep 2013

    Looked at the forecasts Saturday afteternoon and with Sunday looking like a bluebird day we dicided to just pack the car and head down for a onedayer having some fun out back.

    Left home at 2.45am and got to Perisher a bit after 7.30am, and after a bacon and egg roll in the car and a double shot black coffee at Bruno’s we headed straight over to Eyre. Coming over the top it was pretty clear it was going to a bit of bush bashing to get down, probably if we’d headed a bit further over the cover would have been better.

    Once away from the back side of Mt P the cover was good apart from the exposed ridges. Went up Little Paralyser and then out to the Trig for some morning tea, enjoying the views and checking the cover on the range.

    Headed straight across to the Paralyser ridge and decided to just boot instead of skinning around. The cover skiing down was still very good and some nice spring snow that wasn’t too soft and slushy. Skinned back up Little Paralyser and skied back down to the creak and back up to the Eyre ridge. Stayed a bit wider than on the way down and the cover was not too bad till you got up higher. Was hoping to be able to have some fun out there during school Hol next week, but after the current wet conditions I’d doubt you be able to ski down the back of Mt P next week :(

    Went straight back over to FV and was back at the car just before 3.00pm for the drive home. Thank god Little Swede made up some good playlists for the drive, just a tad too much Taylor Swift and 1D, but still plenty of good stuff

    Here’s some footage from the outing...

    Have a good one and keep skiing and keep smiling
    -- Summer is just a short period of bad skiing --

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    Default Re: Few spring turns out Back of Mt Perisher 15 Sep 2013

    *insert witty comment here*

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