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    Default Snowshoe/camping suggestion

    Howdy snow lovers.

    I'm after some suggestions for a snowshoe trip with 1-2 nights camping on snow. I'm hoping to do this late September. I'd love to visit some of the huts (out Teddys way or horse camp hut etc) so doesn't have to be main range/kosi stuff. Even Jagungal way etc. A loop would be great but open to suggestions.

    Thoughts. Any favourites?? I may take my board though to be honest I'm more interested in the trek/taking in the scenery etc.


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    if u are just interested in treking - leave the board behind - carrying it all that way adds 6-10kg on ya back

    personally i like the DHG hike up and Guthega/Mt tate for easy hike for a weekend.
    going any further and i reckon u need more time/days out there
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    Teddies hut could be by then in no snow. Since the bushfires the undergrowth has sprung up and it could be challenging.

    For that time period I would do one from Thredbo, going a loop from top of Kozi chair, Pyramid 'North Ramshead', across to Ramshead proper and then over to South Ramshead, if you want more adventure, go down from Ramshead proper to the other side of Leatherbarrel Creek, up to 'cant remember the name, it has a number' then back down and up to South Ramshead and through the southern line to the Alpine Way which comes out on the Kancoban side of Dead Horse Gap. You really feel at the top of the world in this area.

    Another different way is to go to the top of Kozi from North Ramshead, and follow the traverse east, very pretty.


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    Super. Thanks guys.

    Yes cabby I have to admit it's not likely I'd carry it. I'm more likely to want to be in my hiking boots n snowshoes vs snowboard boots as the emphasis is on the scenery/experience not the potential for riding.

    I'll check out my map for the stuff you've suggested. Good call on teddys jax. Your probably right unless we continue with the super dooper season we're having. :-)

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    Default Re: Snowshoe/camping suggestion

    hey carrying a snow board all the way would be tiring and moreover if you are going to trek why you need it then...

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