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    Skinning is way faster than walking and snow shoeing. Go to Wilderness Sports in Jindy, see Bruce and hire some skins and trekkers (or you could hire some AT skis). Bruce will show you how they work.

    For your first trip, dont leave site of the resort and make sure the forcast is good.

    Also do not slide down a hill you cant see the bottom of and be aware that the slopes are not patrolled so rocks, creeks and holes wont be marked. This also means if you hurts urself you wont be rescued by ski patrol so dont go hucking cliffs or building huge kickers!

    Follow those simple rules and you will be fine.
    *insert witty comment here*

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    Thats really great advice, thank you guys. I'll be sure to ask if i need to know more.

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    Hey Cordy i been looking into the same sort of thing though i now have a few guys i know that do heaps of BC trips each year to go with
    however here is a site that may be helpfull to u Backcountry tours run out of Jindy
    Is out of the sling :WOOHOO:

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