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  1. Be prepared if heading off piste.

    If heading off piste especially in Japan, and parts of USA and Europe, don't risk your life because you didn't spend a few dollars on safety equipment, and Avalung is cheap at around $115 and gives you around an extra 45 minutes of air if buried, and tracking beacon like the BCA tracker 2 is great value at around $300, it pays of course, to also have a shovel and probe to help in a rescue, and having this equipment is not a lot of good if you don't know how to use it when in an emergency situation, ...
  2. What would be the very first thing you would do if you won the lottery

    A. Take your friends backpacking through europe with you?
    B. Move yourself and your family into a better neighborhood where the celebrities live?
    C. Help out your fellow brothers and sisters by donating?
    D. Reward yourself as well and buy that new car or wardrobe!

    Also don't forget to tell us why! More available here:

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  3. The USA trade show and demo fest.

    The USA trade show and demo fest.

    After 36 hours of flights and sitting around airports, it was good to finally get to the Colorado convention centre in Denver, the trade show is a real eye opener for those who are there for the first time, the stands are so spread out and well fitted out with product, the factory reps are in attendance, and there is no better place to find out all you could possibly
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  4. Fischer Hybrid 8.5Ti snow skis

    Fischer Hybrid 8.5Ti snow skis

    One of the most exciting skis at the recent Winter park demo days was the new Fischer Hybrid 8.5Ti, it was by far the best all round ski we tested on day one, and for my 18 year old son who likes high speed skiing, he didnt find a better ski during the whole demo days, he now has a set on order for himself he was that impressed, if I didnt already have a ski that
  5. The importance of ski demo days.

    The importance of ski demo days.

    I was recently asked to fill in a questionnaire about the importance to me of attending the USA snow sports industry (SIA) demo days held at Winter park Colorado at a huge expense to the SIA.
    Some were saying it was a junket, others like me thought it was well worthwhile.
    I have been going to these SIA demo days for 3 years now as I still sell a lot of skis both in my shop and online, I also get asked often what ski would suit a persons requirements,
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