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Updated: October 1st, 6:42am

The next month
The big late season dump has continued overnight and our last remaining resorts open in Perisher, Thredbo and Falls Creek will have a fresh deep cover of snow for the closing weekend. Falls Creek will close Sunday and Perisher and Thredbo on Monday with the long weekend in NSW.

The snow should ease off this morning and temps rise a little so we may see some light drizzle at times. The clouds should clear later and tomorrow should be mostly fine. The winds will increase today and could reach gale force at times about the peaks tomorrow.

Showers and rain will develop overnight on Sunday and into Monday morning before a cool change see light snow starting to fall during the day and continuing into the night. Tuesday will see a bit more intense front arrive bringing widespread snow to around 1200m at times with blizzard conditions likely. We could see another 25-45cm in the resorts, although the lifts will be closed by then.

The winds will remain strong across tonight through to Wednesday so please be aware the wind chill in the mountains will be well below freezing, so rug up. Try to stick to the protected areas if you can. Perisher Front and Centre Valley's will be good options in NSW on the lower t-bars.

Looking long range there could be some light snow on the 10th, but that should see us out for this year.

This will be the final daily forecast for Season 2016. A season that has been a rollercoaster with a later start, some heavy snowfalls but also unfortunately some big rain events that washed away a lot of snow. As far as snowfalls go, this would be one of the biggest years for natural snow, but we never really reached any huge depth due to the consistent rain that seemed to turn up every time we had a dump. All in all a pretty decent season and there will be plenty of snow in the mountains for anyone looking for some backcountry action or just snow play.

I'll be keeping any eye on Japan, USA and Canada and posting updates on the Snowatch Facebook page throughout the off season and will also update the snowatch cam pages for the US, Canada, Japan and Europe so be sure to check those out.

I hope I have been able to help some of you in planning trips to the mountains and look forward to doing it all again next season. If you have any feedback please feel free to send through as I'm always looking to improve things on Snowatch.


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