My mate Dave and I took a 3 week European trip in Jan/Feb 2020. COVID was just kicking off but we got lucky and just returned in time.
Dave and I are both ex ski instructors who can ski all difficulties of piste and powder competently.
Here is a quick review on where we went.

Days 1 - 6 - Ski Circus Austria. (Saalbach-Hinterglemm-Leogang-Feberbrunn-Zell am Zee-Kaprun).
The first day was MASSIVE. blue skies and good but thin snow. Skied Saalbach and Leogang. Fantastic long blues and reds. Hardly anyone there. Brilliant. $50 per day for a pass covering 5 resorts, a glacier, over 100 lifts & almost 500KM of piste. Let that sink in!!! Day 2 was raining so a rest day. day 3 dumping and a bit wet in Saalbach so had half a day in a blizzard on the glacier in Kaprun. Good snow, crap viz. Day 3 was epic. Started with limited lifts servicing the half a meter of fresh fluffy snow. More opened throughout the day and ended up with all open. Days 4 and 5 were blue skies with 100% of the resort open. best skiing ever (until Klosters).
SAALBACH is truly fantastic. Huge, lots of options and now linked directly with Zell Am Zee on the same pass. If you are going to Austria Go to Saalbach. Unless you are a mogul monster or an off piste guru, it is better than St Anton or Ishgl.

..... travel to Klosters in Switzerland. 5 hour drive. Magnificent scenery

Days 8 - 11. Klosters/Davos - Graubunden Switzerland
Now Switzerland is a different experience to Austria. Its like the difference between KMart and David Jones. You will spend BIG $$$$ Klosters has a bit of a reputation for being the play area of the rich and famous. To be honest that time has passed. The hey day for Klosters village was the 80s. Davos (5 km up the valley) is big and unattractive. Klosters is massively expensive. $50 Pizzas are not unheard of. $15 coffee at the top of the Weisflugh was a bit of an eye opener as well, but the view will make your heart ache.
The Klosters experience was not disappointing despite what I have said so far. The skiing is truly amazing. After a day or 2 of crap weather we had a powder day that was amazing. fresh tracks, perfect velvety snow thigh deep, 7km long, alone, for 4 hours till the gentry arrived to ski around 1pm. And that was just the piste. *** BEWARE
- BEFORE A GOOD DUMP THEY PISTE AND MARK EVERYTHING THEN JUST LET IT SNOW. iT DOES NOT GET PISTED AGAIN TILL IT IS TRACKED OUT. By lunch it was a bit tracked out so the piste machines came out. The next 3 days were great. blue skies, everything open, perfect grooming. Top to bottom without stopping is about 40 minutes. (9km). If you take the red to Kublis it is a 2 hr cruise of about 13/14 km. One of the longest runs in Europe. I have described the Parsenn area which is the main part. There are also 4 other mountains to explore which would take at least 2 days each.

Day 12. Travel to Oberstdorf in Germany
The oberstdorf region or the Allgau as it is known is one of my favourite places to ski. Not well known. (See previous rep on this forum). Since my last visit there has been massive infrastructure spending. The previously seperate areas of Fellhorn, Kanzelwand, Heuberg, Ifen and Walmendingerhorn are now all linked and can be skiid on one pass. you get a real feeling of travelling as you wind through forest paths, villages and past little kiosks serving Bratwurst, schnapps and pretzels, all to alpine accordion music.

In all 3 countries the food was fantastic. From the el cheapo pizza place in Saalbach (cheap but not nasty) to the traditional Oberstdorf Gastehaus serving roast beef with onions and fried potato (Zwiebelrostbraten), Alpine food is brilliant. The Tyroler Grostl in Saalbach at the mountain restaurant on the jausern abfahrt is unbelievable. Tyroler Grostl is diced potato, fried with bacon, butter and onions seasoned with black pepper and herbs in a big iron pan, Then, when cooked 2 eggs are cracked on top and it is oven baked. The eggs bind the taters and bacon together. You can feel your arteries harden as you eat it but it is awesome.

All in all. $11000 well spent

If you need to know any specifics post a question. Happy to answer enquiries.