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    Default Perisher Single Day Lift Ticket

    Need some help....looking on Perisher's website I can only see prices for multi-day lift tickets. They don't have (from what I can see) single day prices.

    Any help??
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    Default Re: Perisher Single Day Lift Ticket

    Seems a bit strange. Probably best to post it on their Facebook page or email direct.
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    Default Re: Perisher Single Day Lift Ticket

    Or could be a marketing strategy. The multi day lift tickets seem reasonable, give out the good news first then slip the $100+ a day lift tickets in without anyone making a fuss.

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    Default Re: Perisher Single Day Lift Ticket

    Given Thredbo has there's up you'd think it would be there... ($120pd if you dont pre buy at thredbo). I predict that perisher will be $120 pd!

    Could be vail resorts standard MO. Ive noticed OS at Vail Resorts that non pre-brought non-multi tickets are very exy if you just rock up and purchase at the ticket window.
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    Default Re: Perisher Single Day Lift Ticket

    For two days Perisher says normally $250 before the discount, so they could be $125 a day.


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