Headed out the Paralyser and Trig again on Saturday. Was fairly sure the snow was going to be pretty average so the day was more about getting (not so) Little (anymore) Swede ready for bigger and better trips, practicing kick-turns, navigational and survival skills and obviously just having a fab day out in the Aussie hills.
We got Eyre T up and headed straight over the top and I was quite surprised how much snow had gone from just two weeks ago. It was clear it was going to be a bit of bush bashing going straight down so we went back up the ridge and skied out wide and there it was still fine to ski all the way down to the creek.
Snow conditions were a mix of bullet proof, soft windblown and icy crust that sometimes kept you on top and sometimes broke through, so in other words great fun
Anyhow, hereís a 6 min video from the day. Not much skiing in it, but I spose gives an idea about the snow cover at the moment.