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    Well, it was the first time for Little Swede using skins Probably does not really belong in BC but sort of a big occasion for Little Swede trying out her new touring gear for the first time.
    With the nice weather on Saturday we decided to go for a bit of a hike out to the Paralyser area to get used to the gear more than looking for great skiing. We sure need some snow. We headed down the back of Mt Perisher and itís a pretty crappy ski at the moment without a proper base, sinking through it many places and dodging plenty rocks.
    We hiked up the first knoll and after looking out towards the Trig and the Paralyser ridge we decided to just head around the front and ski the first face. Snow was a mix of some quite nice windblown in spots to hard crust in others. Anyhow the day was all about the hike not so much the ski. Headed back up to the top of Mt P and got down to Eyre cafť just in time for an afternoon coffee and hot chocolate.

    Any day in the mountains is better than a day in the office. Keep skiing, keep smiling

    Hereís a short Video...
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    Nice work Swede!! A bit marginal out there by the looks but a bit of fun!
    *insert witty comment here*

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    Good post! I really want to get into back country skiing, bit of work but NO crowds!
    Thanks for posting video

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    Sweet, I think some easy covers for the skins would help, I hate the pulling apart glue on glue. Makes life easier and skiing happier.

    Glad to see her enjoying it.

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