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    Spring is in the air, and I feel it's time that I head on a bit of a hiking (or cross country) expedition around the munyang or main range region.

    Would anyone be interested?

    Also, does anyone know the conditions of the Aussie Alps Walking Track at the moment? Is it snowed under, or what?

    I think, a simple walk to valentines or mawson huts just might do, or maybe head up to the rolling ground, but I am open for any other exciting alternatives that people might have...

    Does anyone know a good place in jindy to hire cross country ski's and an epirb (better to be safe than sorry, hey?)?

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    Only saw this would be snowed under for sure...would be good for XC!
    *insert witty comment here*

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    It was a great weekend... even though it was just me, nature, and the happy kosciuszko NP rodents...

    Photos to come soon... Ended up just on the aussie alps walking track from munyang up to schlink's hilton... didn't go further than that as I needed to be sure that I'd be back at work by today, haha... I'll be sure to go on a longer trip next year though...

    It was good to get back onto some planks again, even if it was slow going... (it's been about 5 year's since I've worn XC skis, and about 8 since I've worn downhill skis)...

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