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    My wife and I were told on the weekend that by our local snow shop that as for womens snowboard boots that Burton and some Dc's are the only ones that come in a womens size 10. is this true or is he just trying to get our business on these 2 brands cause i think thats all he really stocks. Also when are the 08-09 boots normally released in OZ.

    On a side note what would the chance be of hiring a size 10 womens boot in Japow??? (I know those Japow folks are pretty tiny)
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    My wife has size 10 boots and wears the Burton Rulers in that size (albeit about an 8 year old version-we're tight ****s [read not flush with cash]) and she's very happy with them.

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    This may sem like a dumb question but if she is a womens size 10, wouldn't she be able to wear a small men's size boot?

    I know with some manufacturers there is a difference in the way the boot is shaped from men to women, but there are differences even within the same sex so she may find a mens boot that looks allright and fits well too.
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    He is lying to you, most likely to try and sell whatever it is he has available in stock. Forum have womens boots in a 10 and so do many other brands. I've seen many brands in womens 10.

    As Old Boarder said, she can also look into trying out a Mens smaller size.

    Here is an example of Forum boots in a 10.

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    the womens boots are much lighter and are generally a lot narrower then mens as i think thats the way most womens feet are ( narrower). thanks for your help guys
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    also women's boot have a tighter (groove) fit around the achilies/ankle area

    women's calves are lower (i think) or something, which would make men's boots uncomfortable and not support/flex properly

    etc etc
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