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    Re: Heavy snowfalls on the way!

    There is a lot of talk about heavy snow next Thursday, I await hearing what the Frog has to say on this.
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    Re: Ask a boot fitter a question.

    This was a good idea I thought, Epic forum was purchased by Vail ski resorts and then shut down, it was a fantastic source of knowledge about boot fitting. There is a need for such a forum even...
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    Re: Boot Question

    15mm Shell gap is the way to go at present, very few skiers can tolerate anything less, and for Alpine touring I have found closer to 20mm shell gap keeps the customer happy.
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    Re: Charging For Boot Fitting?

    I am hearing bike shops now charge a fee for anyone wanting to try on bike shoes, I think this is due to so many getting bike shoes online once they know their shoe size.
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    Re: Nokian tyres

    I am on to my second set of Nokian tyres, in my opinion they are worth every cent, having a second set of rims so they are only on for the winter months helps get more years out of them.
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    Re: Resorts opening early!

    I love how Perisher always open that day earlier the Buller, a great friendly rivalry.
  7. Re: The Ghosts of Perisher - an insiders view with The Snowmakers

    The kind of people that will use the runs with this man made snow are the ones who spend money, they usually rent everything and buy a day ticket, compared to the guys who wait until the steeper...
  8. Re: The Ghosts of Perisher - an insiders view with The Snowmakers

    I see on the cams that Buller, Baw Baw and Lake mountain all have big piles of man made snow / ice from their snow factories, it is a pity that both Hotham or Falls Creek don't have a snow factory,...
  9. Re: BMW drivers to get VIP parking at Falls Creek

    In that case I agree with people being upset, at present those spots are for day parking, people with young kids and for those who make the effort to get up there early, now those people will have to...
  10. Re: BMW drivers to get VIP parking at Falls Creek

    This one is causing a bit of a discussion with some people saying they will boycott Falls Creek, I don't own a BMW these days so it will not give me free parking. I cant see anything wrong with...
  11. Re: The Ghosts of Perisher - an insiders view with The Snowmakers

    We may be relying on snowmaking for a ski at this years season opening by the sound of your long term forecast Pete.
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    Re: What lens do you like in goggles?

    I was up skiing a few years back with my Polar C lens goggles in really bad light and my son who was wearing a pair of Salomon goggles with the Hi Vis yellow lens had way less trouble seeing then I...
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    Re: Tallangatta Ski Club - Mt Wills

    I was up there last weekend with a couple of the current members, a great hut with off the grid electricity due to solar panels and batteries, gas for cooking and if needed lighting, a great wood...
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    Re: Snow on the way!

    Yes it was good, I was up at Mount Wills for the weekend walking around in the fresh snow, we didnt get a lot at Wills but I could see Bogong and it appeared to have a good cover.
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    Re: Sorel Boots - Where to buy in Australia

    Sorels are losing sales in a big way now to brands like Kimberfeel, just as good at a much lower price. Our best selling boot in recent years is the Beverly, has laces and a zip, your choice...
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    Re: Aldi chains are not approved at Hotham

    For the winter of 2020 onwards all Victorian resorts will require snow chains to comply with the O norm 5117 standard, Aldi chains do not comply and neither do a lot of others, so if buying chains...
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    Re: Just some of the new 2019 skis

    The obvious one is a K2 poacher, a good twin tip that performs well in the park and also as an all round ski. Rossignol would have an equivalent in the Smash 7 or the Scratch.
  18. Re: Thredbo Development Plans - New Merritts Mountain House Restaurant/Bar

    It looks good, they certainly needed a lot more seating up there, it was always hard to find a seat we found even in September. Now that Vail has such a strong hold on Aussie resorts the other two...
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    Re: Clarence river scheme.

    Not much has changed in 9 years.
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    Re: Just some of the new 2019 Volkl skis

    Another ski that is unchanged except for graphics is the very popular Rossignol Soul 7.

    Also pretty well just a change...
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    Re: Just some of the new 2019 Volkl skis

    For the 2019 season we will be getting some great new skis such as:

    The Volkl Deacon 84, a replacement for the RTM84, but a much better ski than the RTM84 with a faster base and the reintroduction...
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    Re: Snow is coming!

    I am doing the change over in the ski shop today to winter sports, so I am getting ready for winter already, stock will start to arrive any day now.
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    Re: What have people found to be great skis.

    After attending the USA trade show in Denver and testing next seasons skis on snow at Copper mountain in February, the skis that everyone were talking about for men and women were the all new Volkl...
  24. Re: What every person buying new boots should know.

    With Alpine touring becoming so popular now I have found they need a bit more room for the toes in a boot when in tour mode, I try to get around 15mm minimum for them, but probably closer to 20mm.
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    Re: Who else is Riding OS

    A few from Pauls ski shop are heading to Colorado soon to test next years skis and snowboards. Work trip :redface:
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