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  1. Re: If you hadn't noticed the damage the warm and wet has done then look at this...

    Its amazing what a difference a few days can make.
    I'm just glad that our group were there from the 14th to the 18th.
    Even on the 17th grass patches were starting to show through.
    I think we got...
  2. Re: Why arent they running the snow guns at thredbo?

    Would have been epic if the temps were cooler when the ECL arrived.
    Could have had .5m of snow instead of 300mm of rain.
    Oh Well, SUCH IS LIFE!
  3. Thread: Morning all

    by Mazza

    Re: Morning all

    Sorry to hear about your Loss Hoots, Its never easy loosing a loved one, specially your life partner.
    Thinking off you, I hope things are starting to calm down and things get easier for you in the...
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