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Fischer Hybrid 8.5Ti snow skis

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Fischer Hybrid 8.5Ti snow skis

One of the most exciting skis at the recent Winter park demo days was the new Fischer Hybrid 8.5Ti, it was by far the best all round ski we tested on day one, and for my 18 year old son who likes high speed skiing, he didn’t find a better ski during the whole demo days, he now has a set on order for himself he was that impressed, if I didn’t already have a ski that fills that category I may have also ordered a set for myself.
Day one we tested the new Volkl RTM81 and the updated graphics RTM84,as well as a few other skis, both of the Volkl RTM skis are known for excellent edge hold and all round performance, but Matthew and myself felt the Fischer was a more versatile ski with better edge hold than the Volkl RTM skis, where Matthew and I differed in opinion was he liked the extreme edge hold of the Fischer Hybrid with the switch in “non rockered” mode, where as I liked the extra smoothness of the rockered tip, we both had several runs with the skis in each mode, I can see if the snow was deep or chopped up crud, the rockered tip would be better, I did find that in the non rockered mode, the edge hold was fantastic, and if icy would be a real bonus, for me I thought the edge hold in rockered mode was still so good, I couldn’t see any need to lower the tip to get better grip.
The ski sells here for rec retail $1035 plus bindings which if using the Fischer Attack 13 binding would add $340 to that price, which is comparable to other skis this good.
The profile of 128/85/111 and an 18m radius for the 175cm length, they are one of the best all round skis you could find for Australian use, and also for those who head overseas to ski powder.
The switch in front of the bindings is very easy to use, you can change it with you ski pole even while clicked into your bindings, but the ski tip does need to be flexed after changing the setting for anything to change, this can be done while standing in the skis if you are flexible enough, but we found if skiing with a buddy, it is easier for them to do it for you, or take the skis off, changing them is not something you would do often, there is an indicator that shows red when the tip is engaged.

The skis are available in lengths 161, 168, 175 and 182cms

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