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'The Shop' is now OPEN!

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I've just taken delivery of a pair of Scott Crusades from Pete and Paul's online shop. I've never bought skis online before, and was unsure about how well the process would work. I shouldn't have was brilliant! I reckon I got the cheapest deal on these skis in Australia AND the high level of service I would have gotten if I had walked into Paul's shop in Wodonga. Both Pete and Paul provided excellent pre-sales advice on the gear, and the whole ordering process was smooth and seamless. I placed my order on Monday, and by Friday morning of the same week a courier had delivered the skis to my home in Melbourne. During that time Paul had fitted the bindings to my specifications - and to my relief, my boots fitted perfectly. The crusades look a treat - now i just have to get up to the snow to try them out!

The Snowatch shop has one very satisfied customer. Thanks guys - you are the best!
Great to hear from a happy customer and the owner of the first set of skis we have sold from our new online shop. Also sold some chains this week and got an email thanking Paul for his service advice and speedy delivery.

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  1. Paul Oberin's Avatar
    Yes, it certainly makes my day when a customer goes to the trouble to write an email and say thanks for what I see as our normal every day service.
    We do try to get things shipped out as fast as we can, and if the delivery people are on the ball, it makes us look good.