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1/ For the last month (since I blew my gearbox) she's allowed me to use her car (Ford Territory). Tomorrow I'm doing my 3rd trip to Thredbo in it, oh how I love cruise control-if only I had the money to bye the software for my car-most of the hardware is there.

2/ I've been living at her place and she's been putting up with my moods and those of her hubby's being stirred up by me, I love my step dad too and the poor buggers (both of them) have to put up with sick, whinging people all day then come home to me. (mum-grief counsellor|s'dad-GP)

3/ I've been rebuilding the drive train on their paved driveway, all that know old VW's know about oil stains . While engine and box are out lots of cleaning off grime and me covered in grease then shower covered in it. Plus a repaint (no longer a Purple Beast - it's a Mean Green Machine) and meters of sound proofing with off cuts, glues etc everywhere.

5/ Garage full of my furniture and car parts.

4/ Each day she has new rental lists for me (I get the hint), asks what she can do to help SNOcam, asks how I'm feeling/today's issues and plans her day around me using her car.

5/ Then pays me for cleaning the house and bringing the gardens back to life!

No wonder I've made it through this difficult time sane, positive and focused on love. Dad's done heaps too and deserves praise.

Children learn what they live. I got learned well.

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  1. spaz's Avatar
    So onto the car..

    1968 VW Type 3 Squareback

    Paid 2 cases of premium beer for it 6 years ago.
    Spent 9 months getting it on the road.
    My 3rd home.


    2009 - Engine and ride transplant. 80HP ATW - light and fast.
  2. spaz's Avatar
    April 2010 Outside Pauls Ski Shop

    May 2010 A face lift occuring and gearbox trouble due to extra power and a heavy foot.