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The latest on the K2 rocker system.

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After trying some of the 2011 range of K2 skis, and liking them as good all round skis for both here and overseas, I asked K2 for more information and this is what I got, it explains it well so I thought I would share it with you.

I had heard about this new rockered system and was keen to try them, although at first I thought these would only suit the overseas market rather than our firmer groomed snow, lucky for me Winter park at Colorado had conditions the same as we get here, so I got the chance to see how they would go at holding an edge on our icy snow, and I was quite surprised to find a ski with rockered tips had better edge hold than previous K2 skis without the rocker.
I would be quite happy to ski the new Rictor ski here in Australia, and I know the 2/15 tip on the Rictor would be a real bonus in overseas powder, I even tried the new Aftershock model at 86mm under foot compared to the Rictor at 80mm, and it still had excellent edge hold on the steep icy pitch at high speed.
K2 are leading the way in this new technology thanks to the guy who started it all, Shane McConkey getting support from K2, I am sure just like with snowboards and reverse camber all the other ski brands will be catching up as soon as they can.

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  1. ozgirl's Avatar
    And there is the more info I was looking for. Thanks!
  2. Paul Oberin's Avatar
    They have now arrived into the shop, so for those dropping in I can now show them what I am talking about.
  3. Paul Oberin's Avatar
    I got back from the USA after trying these new skis and increased my order for the 2010 season, the lifts haven't even opened yet and I am nearly sold out of the K2 models I got in for the year. Now do I try to get more in or do I try to sell the other style that I have in the ski rack.