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  1. Hey mate! Where ya been?

    Haha, yeah I reckon, but do you want to work out a deal on a new HD version?

    I've got accom in Thredbo for the season but don't know how often I will be there - we are still in the courts for my daughter - I won't know what days I'll have until April.

    I'm changing the business name to Xcam - have the domain name - I'm starting to test the new site.

    Spent all of summer doing legal stuff and editing 30hrs of dance videos. While living at my mums in Campbelltown - still there now.
  2. hey seb, hows things? reckon we could finally get a chance to exchange vio's this year? haha not that im in a rush, but we really should get it sorted soon. you back in thredders this year?
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