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  1. Don't buy new boots, get a Svenfit liner.

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    A guy called Sven Coomer is a genius at boot related matters and for a while now he has made a Zipfit cork liner for ski boots, but the newest liners are now improved even more with a better instep pressure relief on the tongue over the previous models.
    The Sven fit liner is good for around 450 days of skiing and can go from shell to shell as boot shells will not last that long, it constantly changes shape as required by the wearer, cork does not compress so this cork liner is way better than
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  2. The latest on the K2 rocker system.

    After trying some of the 2011 range of K2 skis, and liking them as good all round skis for both here and overseas, I asked K2 for more information and this is what I got, it explains it well so I thought I would share it with you.

    I had heard about this new rockered system and was keen to try them, although at first I thought these would only suit the overseas market rather than our firmer groomed snow, lucky for me Winter park at Colorado ...
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