Rusutsu 2010 - some offpiste areas

  1. all photo credits:  iskitoo
  2. West Mountain out of bounds lines (& Shibetsu behind, about a 3 hour hike with a guide).
  3. Lake Toya with Pacific Ocean behind (but too hazy to see).
  4. One entry for Heavenly Canyon trees .  Across the top of the headwall, to the right. There's also a natural quarter pipe kicker down the Canyon.
  5. snow was nice
  6. Isola No1 - in blue & white
  7. Into the Isola No1 bowl. This area gets well over over knee deep. Easy access.  A long traverse out (can be uphill), therefore best for low advanced...
  8. Heavenly ridge trees. Easy intermediate area.
  9. more Isola No2 (advanced)
  10. nice & right under Isola No2 - advanced area. Further to the right would be intermediate lines (towards Isola C piste).  Best place to be to get out...
  11. Untracked.
  12. more lift lines - Isola 3 (high intermediate)
  13. Isola No3 - lift line or trees (high intermediate). Watch gully on bottom right.
  14. East Mountain piste. Often no crowds & empty lifts at Rusutsu!  
The lift capacity is greater than the hotel capacity.  
The limited  accommodation...
  15. another empty East Mt. piste
  16. West Mountain & Shibetsu
  17. The double black shortcut is to the right.   hmm, where's the easy way back.
  18. OOB ridge on Lake Toya side. With possibly a couple of exceptions,  b/c experience or guide required for most of out of bounds. Fortunately there is...
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