My trip around Colorado 2010
  1. The pick of all the skis at the test days was the Blizzard G force pro, this ski is so stable even at speeds I have never reached before, yet supple...
  2. We saw this guy standing at a set of traffic lights at Grand Junction.
  3. This was the way home to our unit at Telluride below.
  4. One of the best skis at the ski test days was the all new K2 Rictor, a fantastic all rounder with early rise technology.
  5. the View from up high at Steamboat.
  6. Some good blizzard ski for 2011.
  7. chair 9 at Telluride would have to one of the longest chairlift rides ever, this picture was taken from half way up.
  8. Nordica igniter for 2011, a great ski.
  9. Revelation bowl at Telluride.
  10. We noticed this sign while driving to Telluride.
  11. Winterpark ski run.
  12. Site of the USA ski tests at Winter park.
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