24hr Snow 0cm 0cm 0cm 0cm 0cm
Depth 105cm 80cm 335cm 119cm 110cm
Temp 1.0°CC -1.6°CC 0.6°CC N/A 1C

Updated: August 17th, 5:07am

Long Range Outlook
It's been a bit wet in the mountains with rain overnight. Showers and rain will continue early and fall as snow up high, then lowering during the day to around 1400-1500m later. The higher slopes could see around 5-15cm. Winds will be gale force about the peaks.

Friday and Saturday should see some light snow flurries at times but not really enough to make any difference to the current snow cover.

Looking further ahead next week has some more light snow on the 23rd-24th. Keep an eye out for the 27th-29th as it looks to be building into something.


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