24hr Snow 0cm 0cm 0cm 0cm 0cm
Depth 70cm 0cm 0cm 0cm 0cm
Temp 14.2°CC 0.0°CC 0.0°CC N/A 11C

Updated: September 29th, 5:00am

Long Range Outlook
Light snow at times today should give a little top up for the final weekend of the season. Partly cloudy tomorrow with a cool change overnight bringing a little more snow into Sunday morning. And that will do us for the official season close for 2017.

For those heading back country once the lifts are closed there is a chance of some snow on Wednesday with gusty winds about the peaks.

Looking long range the 12th-13th could see more snow.

Season 2017 had so much promise early with some big snowfalls prior to the season starting. That snow melted away and we were left flat with a very disappointing season 2017 that never really reached any great heights for the Queenstown/Wanaka snowfields. Further north was another story with Mt Hutt experiencing one of it's best seasons and as I type it still has a 360cm base. Here's hoping next season brings plenty of snow.

This is the last NZ forecast for 2017. Thanks for reading this year and I look forward to Season 2018. Be sure to follow the overseas resorts in our off season. There are plenty of Cams to follow:

USA: http://www.snowatch.com.au/usa/
Canada: http://www.snowatch.com.au/canada/
Japan: http://www.snowatch.com.au/japan/
Europe: http://www.snowatch.com.au/europe/

Pete 'The Frog' Taylor

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