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    Default Where to go in Europe 2020

    In the 80s and 90s, as a 20 something old bloke, I spent every winter in the Euro Alps. skied most of the good places back then and endured cold T bars and slow / cold double chairs in Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. All wearing Crap clothing in freezing boots or spent half a day waiting in queues. We had a ball.
    In Feb 2020 A mate and I are doing it all over again. Things have changed and resorts that were crap are now awesome (Montafon / Warth) and those that were great have been left behind (Mayrhofen / Zell). SO...... Where are the best spots to go now. Everyone has an opinion and id love to hear it.

    We are 2 blokes, good skiers (former racers and instructors) in our 50s fit. More interested in good food than 3AM apres. will have transport.

    We are looking at 10 - 14 days free roaming to wherever is good in Italy/Aust/Switz. prob pick 3 places and have 3 days in each. Looking at: Zermatt, Saalbach, Soll, Sestrierre, Davos/Klosters, Arosa, Verbier and any others that we fancy. We will pick the top 3 seeing as they are all within 4 hours of each other.



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    Default Re: Where to go in Europe 2020

    We did a week at Grand Massif in France staying at the new Club Med last Spring and loved it, but have nothing to compare it to. We thought it was huge but were told its only mid sized compared to the big ones.
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    Default Re: Where to go in Europe 2020

    Zermatt is pretty isolated from other resorts except for the Italian one on its border. Unless you don't mind the train ride out and then connection.

    I've been eyeing off Saalbach. it looks like it has massive options. Do we go Canada, where I am very comfortable or try something else.

    Ah I just saw 4 hours within each other. Opens it up.
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