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    Tried the Head Supershape Magnum In NZ last year. Was very impressed. Handled everything from hard packed groomers to knee deep freshies with no trouble. Don't know how they compare to the above mentioned skis though. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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    Magnum has a wider in the waist and longer turn radius....more like an all mountain ski than a "versatile" piste ski!

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    Default Re: Ski Review, Head Supershape Speed

    After spending 11 days on these in Colorado I found them to be a great ski especially on hard packed groomers, which is about all we had while there, in bumps they were fantastic, very easy to use for a ski with such good edge hold.
    We didn't get any powder so I have no idea how they would be in that.

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    Default Re: Ski Review, Head Supershape Speed

    I used a set in Japan two weeks ago on hard pack......they weren't mine as I was under the misconception that we may ski powder.....but still an excellent ski.
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